Dont have a 3D printer but do like a project?

We offer 3D Printing service!

Available in USA, UK and most of Europe!

Current projects to back!

Check our discord server for more information!


Your AD here? Please contact us for more information!


How can I buy a model?

There are 2 ways to buy models with us. The first is to join our discord server and add a number to the projects you want to buy. The second way is very simple by purchasing a model on our official site, please note: here are only the models for which we have bought the full rights!


In both cases you will receive the models within 24 hours of purchase, unless the project is still in pre-order, then you will receive the models immediately as soon as everyone has paid!

Where can i follow all updates of a project?

To follow updates to a project you are interested in, please create an account with discord and then join our server. We will keep you informed there as well as possible!

Are all our models premium?

As a 3D studio, we try at all times to have our modelers make unique models for their customers. That is why we advise everyone to join our discord server to stay informed at all times. We do this so that the modeler can have direct contact with his customers and that the customers know what to expect. That way, the modeler can immediately respond to the criticism to receive a worthy “Premium” tag on all of their models!

All models that we sell are always test printed first before we collect all funds or put them for sale on our site!

What happen when you share a bought file?

We work with highly advanced marking tools to mark all models for the people who buy a model. Don’t worry, we only keep the name someone uses to buy the model, a unique code and the marking itself. The marking cannot be seen with the naked eye and does not affect the model you have bought.


Why are we doing this? This has everything to do with copyrights. We pay the modelers a certain amount to buy the rights, but agreements have of course been made in advance. One of them is that the model, just like a movie, cannot simply be resold or given to a 3rd party.


That is why we are forced if someone buys a model and then leak to ban that person for good. This is done in several ways to take care of it so that it becomes almost impossible to do again.